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“Between Love and Sacrifice”

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“Entre o Amor e o Sacrifício”

Saga “Guardiões de Orfheus”

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“Between Love and Sacrifice”

Guardians of Orfheus

by Gisele Assis


Kate Miller was not exactly normal. She was a lonely girl who felt strange and different. She had been mysteriously abandoned at an orphanage when she was a premature baby with little chance of survival. As if it were not enough, she had the ability to see evil creatures and demonic entities, and suffered constant inexplicable nightmares that always involved death. The adopted daughter of a young couple, they were moving constantly. However, Kate knew that this was just an excuse to flee from one city to another; she just did not know why her parents did so. Incidentally, Kate was their third adoption since her preceding families had been brutally murdered while she was still a child. Her survival was a mystery as she was present in the midst of the attacks.

At nineteen and in a new town, she meets a mysterious group of young people with supernatural powers who are responsible for carrying out strange and secret missions. Among them is a cute and quirky boy who enjoys confronting her and not letting her go. Even if she is seduced by his captivating smile and feels a strong connection with him, Kate tries to get rid of him in many ways. However, it cannot be avoided and an inevitable attraction develops between the two.

Tired of running and feeling afraid, she decides to embark on a journey in search of the truth with the help of her new friends to find out who, and what, she really is. Kate just cannot imagine that behind the mystery surrounding her life, there is a dispute between the supernatural beings that inhabit the highest echelon of mystical worlds unknown to the human race. The ultimate prize of this battle to be won would be Kate herself.

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